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Big Bear Lake news, weather & Big Bear driving directions View All News here or in the box below

                            Big Bear Lake newsletter

  Come up to Big Bear Lake and enjoy the cool Autumn Week Days  ---  Get 33% off deal (sunday-thursday) at Golden Bear Cottages resort. Promo (Code: lmwd33)

    Big Bear Lake Fishing Weather, Fishing News Service Reports
    Posted: 14-Oct-20

    Big Bear fishing, Big Bear vacation rental lodging, 
    Fishing vacation rental cabins close to the lake, 
    Big Bear Lake best places to stay


    Places to Fish & Boat

    Stocking Big Bear Lake with trout.
    Use our interactive map to search for the best places to fish near you, 

    the best places to boat, local fishing spots, localized fishing maps, 

    including top spot fishing maps and fishing lake maps. In addition to 

    learning where to boat and fish, learn more about species that can be 

    caught in these bodies of water as well as places to buy fishing gear, 

    licenses, equipment, and more. Watch this short video on HOW TO USE THE MAP. 

    Find out what are the best days and times to fish in our BEST TIMES TO FISH.

    Pleasure Point Marina service *discount boat rental coupons* available at Golden Bear Cottages resort office. 
    Guests of Golden Bear Cottages are entitled to a 15% discount at Pleasure Point Marina with a signed coupon.

    UPDATE: The San Bernardino National Forest has partially reopened for public recreation. 
    Please check the San Bernardino National Forest website for full details on restrictions.

    2020 Fishing Reports from Big Bear Lake - October 14, 2020
    Water temperature at the surface is 54 degrees

    Best Time to Fish




    5AM - 10AM


       11AM - 6PM

    Big Bear Lake marinas are open for boats rentals and lake fishing 

    Open for Autumn, 2020  fishing reports, weather and lake fishing news below.
    Oct. 14  Current Big Bear Lake surface water temperature is near 54 degrees at the surface
    Guest fishing stories to share the rest of their lives. Caught a 11.2 lb trout near Boulder Bay

    Fishing Report September 30, 2020.

    by Big Bear Sporting Goods

    We called into Big Bear Sporting Goods today for a fish report of the lake. Here it is:

    Trolling is good pushing early morning up by the dam with a night crawler in 8-12 feet of water. Some fish are pushing a little deeper throughout the lake with some of the fish in 20-30 feet of water. Fishing from shore from the red house to the floating house using a night crawler is working good or try a Carolina rig with a 3-4 foot leader with powerbait.

    Bass fishing has picked up in shallow water, look for structure and small swim bait. Senko and imitation crawfish are working good.

    Recent big catches have been a 22 pound Blue Catfish and a 6 pound Rainbow.

    Last fish plant was about 3 weeks ago.

    < Previous Report
    "The East Public Launch Ramp at Big Bear Lake will open starting May 1st from 7:00am-3:00pm.
    The Lake will be accepting BBMWD banded boats ONLY with a maximum of 25 vehicles with vessels 
    allowed. 2020 Seasonal Lake Use permits are required. Face coverings and social distancing will be 
    enforced with no exceptions. Quarantine bands will be offered offsite by appointment only.
    We thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation with our staff during this transitional time."
    NEWS May 15, Big Bear Municipal Water District. Please go to for the most 
    up-to-date information about use of Big Bear Lake. Phase 1 Opening Big Bear Marinas will launch slip 
    holders only with banded boats Monday through Friday from 830 - 4. Call or email for questions.

    AAA approved%20and%20inspected%20cabin%20rentals

    Our guests Big Bear Lake 2020 photos


        September 31, 2019  -- Happy days at Big Bear Lake

    It is hard to miss this season here at the 25 degree cooler than you. 

    Fishing is beyond what we have seen in years

    Fish stockings have been deep in Big Bear and full trucks are coming.

    FISHING REPORTS 2019 - for Golden Bear Cottages guests


    FINAL 2019 REPORT 
    October 26, 2019 -- I can see the evenings are cooling and the days shortening to drop these temps to real numbers and get these fish active again. BUT... There are still fish to find with the right technique and patience. Controlled depth fishing is the only answer and I'm seeing a bit of life in the early mornings and just at sunset so we have a window of biters. Algae is creeping but not blowing up yet, as soon as I see the water temps and DO dropping but the cooling off will save us just as it gets critical for these hold overs. I am feeling an itch and the only way I can scratch it is with more cow bell or a big fat stocking of scales and slime. Interesting to me how the methodical fisher bad asses have continually caught fish all summer and the towel tossers have not. Let this be a lesson to us-all patience pays off. If all else fails try a nice drift through a few areas with a light weight and a crawler or dough blob and see if the bell rings. I am feeling a good fall of bent rods is upon us and that itch will be scratched. Stand by its going to get weird thanks to my peeps at the Visitor's Bureau providing us the funds to make fun.

    Catfish are around and biting, use stink and stuff to find the noses of these kitties and of course they are late night partiers and love the lights out foraging.

    Haven't heard of a ton of Bass being caught but they are there on the little structure that we have and a slow bounce may be the ticket.

    On a good note, a truck load of bluegill are heading our way this week and those are only caught with the scientific method of hook-worm. It's very complicated but you can Google it. Crappies are cyclic and we are on the down and out rock bottom of the cycle but have no fear they will be back like we have seen them before. Nothing better than spending an evening by the dock watching panfish spanking a surface mini plug.

    One thing I know for sure is if you are having a bad day of fishing regardless of the success there is more to the story.

    We stocked some kitties this last fall and it seems it worked-they are showing up all over 
    along with some very hefty bull heads at the scales. Cut mackerel and crawlers have been 
    doing the trick and as the water warms, it can only get better.


    We're calling all female anglers to the water; moms, daughters, wavemakers, and adventure-seekers, because we don't think anyone should be left out of fishing and boating.


    Want to tie a snell knot to attach your leader to your fishing hook? Watch our new video and follow six simple steps to tie an easy snell knot.


    Celebrate National Fishing and Boating Week on the water! Participate in one of the fishing and boating events in your state. Check out the upcoming free fishing days in your state.

    It's very interesting after you drop 12,000 lbs. of rainbow trout into the lake that people start to catch Rainbow trout "weird". This weekend was a perfect example of just that. This is a hit as fishing folks from California and beyond came to try their luck on slaying the power ball fish. I hear that fishing was good and most caught some, and a few caught a lot, and scattered in were a few real monsters that hit the scales. 

    The DFW has been showing us a touch of love and dropping a load of rainbows here and there which adds to filling up every nook and cranny with Pescado. 

    The water is warming and the lake is beginning to stratify and be fickle which will help suppress the algae bloom that seems to be hampering our visibility among other things.
    Currently sinking Rapalas and leaded line used to sink a colorful needle fish are producing. 

    Drifting dough bait is always a great go-to if nothing else seems to be enticing a bite.  We are not far away from the magical suspended fish slip bobbing extravaganza AKA "controlled depth fishing" which happens every summer when the lake layers (stratifies).  The lake is warming fast and this will change everything. Lakes are like snowflakes and this one is melting fast.
    Spring bass fishing has been phenomenal; we are seeing excellent size and numbers. 

    Crank baits and plastics are smoking them; super-hot bait is the smoke colored gitzit tube bates.

    We are seeing a few catfish showing up along with a hand full of bullheads. Cut mackerel is 
    also a go-to along with the magic of anything that smells like feet.
    The moment you all have been waiting for, the carp are up and everywhere. The spawn just keeps on going like an energizer bunny. Lots of folks are taking advantage of the early spawn and sharpening their skills for the greatest tournament on earth. The 14th annual Carp Round-up will be taking off without a hitch on the 17th and 18th of June. We are only taking the first 10,000 entrants so snooze you lose. Raffle is out of control this year everyone wins.

    Book clean AAA approved cabins. Big Bear rental SPECIALS
    You can check availability easily and make secure online reservations by using the box at the top left.  
    Please enter the promotional code if you have one before clicking GO to receive qualifying discounts.

    Big Bear Lake Map

    Click map 

    Fishing Tournaments and Derbies

    Lake Events 
    Date                 Event                                          Organization                  Website

    March 2, 2019
                             Polar Plunge           Special Olympics Southern Ca      WEBSITE

    May 18, 2019
                             Adopt-A-Shoreline Kick-Off      BMWD                           WEBSITE

    May 18-19, 2019
                             Big Bear Lake Big Fish Derby   BBL Fishing Assn       WEBSITE

    May 25-26, 2019
                             Memorial Weekend "Grill and Chill" Visitors Bureau  WEBSITE

    June 8-9, 2019
                             Fishin' for $50k               Big Bear Visitors Bureau       WEBSITE

    June 15-16, 2019
                             Carp Round-Up               BBMWD                                    WEBSITE

    June 22, 2019
                             Boating Safety Course     Coast Guard Auxiliary          WEBSITE

    July 4, 2019
                             Big Bear Fireworks/BBQ   Rotary Club of Big Bear      WEBSITE

    July 13, 2019
                             Big Bear Chill Cook-Off     Big Bear Visitors Bureau    WEBSITE

    July 20, 2019
                             Boating Safety Course 2   Coast Guard Auxiliary          WEBSITE

    August 15-17, 2019
                             Antique & Classic Wooden Boat Show    ACBS              WEBSITE

    August 17, 2019
                             Boating Safety Course 3   Coast Guard Auxiliary           WEBSITE

    October 5-6, 2019
                             TroutFest          Western Outdoor News                         WEBSITE

    Types of Fish

    Rainbow trout is the most popular species of fish found in Big Bear Lake, as its depths allow rainbow trout to thrive, 

    even in the heat of summer. Summertime also brings other species to the lake like largemouth bass, channel catfish, 

    and a variety of panfish, which make great fishing for younger anglers.

    Big Bear Lake is open for 2019 boating season and the lake is up over
    ten feet from last year. 
    The Public Launch Ramps are open for all vessels,
    motorized and non-motorized. Both ramps are located on the North Shore.
    The East Ramp is close to Stanfield cutoff, near the Discovery Center and
    the West Ramp is closer to the Big Bear Dam, west of Fawnskin.  
    Our six marinas have everything you need to have a great time on the lake.
    Get your fishing license, fishing gear, bait and more. Rent a pontoon boat for
    family fun or try a fishing boat for adventure exploring the fishing coves in
    Big Bear Lake.


      Autumn bass fishing can put your catching skills to the test, but that's also part of the allure. Use these bass fishing tricks to catch more fish. 


    If you're wondering when to fish for bass during the Spring, the key is to get out on the water before sunrise or at sunset. So if you can't go early, plan to fish around dusk. The best times to fish for bass will be during the cooler periods of the day. This is one of the most important fundamentals of lake bass fishing for beginners.  

    Remember: special seasonal discounted offers are not refundable,
    See booking details at
    Big Bear Lake resorts: greatest place for holiday and year-round vacation getaways

    Weather forecast for Southwest Big Bear Lake - the week ahead  

    #Fishing Weather forecast for Big Bear Lake for the week 
    #Weather forecast for southwest Big Bear Lake for the week
    Lake surface temperature is now near 45 degrees and falling (soon to freeze)

    Autumn/Winter/Spring activities near ski resorts in cool Big Bear

    88% Big Bear Lake weather forecast accuracy

    Verified historical forecast accuracy for Big Bear Lake, US 2005 through 2017.

    Weather and Lake Advisory

    Pleasure Point Marina service *discount boat rental coupons* only available 
    at Golden Bear Cottages resort office. Guests of Golden Bear Cottages are 
    entitled to a 15% discount at Pleasure Point Marina with a signed coupon.
    Most current Big Bear Lake fishing and boating weather forecasts

    Forecast valid for: 3 Miles SW Fawnskin CA. 34.23°N 116.96°W (Elev. 7049 ft).

    Fishing and Boating weather, fishing report weather


    Fishing reports for Big Bear Lake -- archived from 2018 

    AUGUST - This is the easiest report I have ever put together because the fishing is that good and it really doesn't matter what I say, YOU WILL CATCH FISH. Currently Rapala and Needlefish are working well on the troll. The folks using the drift method have been very successful as well. Dough bait from the shoreline is always a good go-to this time of the year. The Lake is packaged full of beautiful trout right now and we are seeing some of the best fishing in a decade. The water is mixed so there is no honey hole at the present time however the fish are moving to the west as the water warms. So get out and try your luck and catch something for the grill. Bass fishing is good along the structure; we have seen a lot of fish in the three pound range. The carp have not shown their face as of yet but we hope to see sprinklings of uglys soon as the granddaddy tournament of them all is rapidly approaching. Get your registration in soon as we have blown this baby up this year to be the best ever.


    FISHING TIP OF THE WEEK The water clarity is pretty good this time of year so use the lightest line you can, 4lb or less works for most applications.

    Storm report and weather advisories

    Autumn has arrived in Big Bear.  Cooler weather this month has kept 

    water temperature around 67. Fish are moving and on the move looking for food.  

    The trout are more spread out  throughout the lake now.  

    When the water is in the low 60s is it prime time to go trout fishing.


    Big Bear Lake Multi-Language Fishing and Lodging Website
    Our staff is available to speak both SPANISH and ENGLISH

    %22AAA%20approved%20cabins%22%20-%20%22caba%F1as%20aprobado%20de%20AAA%22 "AAA approved cabins" - "cabañas aprobado de AAA"

    Take me%20fishing%20Big%20Bear%20Lake

    Purchase or Renew Your Fishing License Online
    Spring is finally here, which means fishing season is here too! If you have not already, don't forget to purchase or renew your fishing license for the 2014 season.

    6 Fishing Knots to Get Your Started
    There are many different types of fishing knots for different purposes. But don't be overwhelmed. To get started, try learning just two or three of these knots.


    Big%20Bear%20Lake%20official%20info . fish%20Big%20Bear%20Lake

    Big Bear Lake 7 day weather UPDATED - fishing and boating weather forecast
    Weather details hour by hour for Golden Bear Cottages in Big Bear Lake

    7-DAY FISHING and BOATING FORECASTS -- big%20bear%20fishing%20vacations





    Big Bear Lake Fishing Reports:
    Point Forecast:2 Miles WSW Big Bear Lake CA
     34.23°N 116.96°W (Approx. Elev. 7047 ft.)
    Fishing Reports for Golden Bear Cottages guests -------

    THE YEAR 2018

    We planted over a million fish last fall and trout fishing has already been very good with Department of Fish and Wildlife adding a few nice truckloads of good size Trout and Bass lately. We are seeing quite a few limits of respectable fish hitting the scales. The fish are scattered all over the massive body of water and working the surface when the sun is high in the sky with a big pile of metal flashy stuff and a crawler on your line always seems to work this time of the year. For shore fishing folks, the magical dough bait on a light lined leader with a sliding sinker will produce as always. I like the light colors of dough bait like white and the patriotic American flag; red, white, and blue as a go-to color when the water is cold. Besides, if you don't catch a fish it makes you feel like you are living the American dream.

    P.S., Catfish are sleeping and bass are  hibernating

    -------------------------------------------------Archived fishing reports from Big Bear lake

    2017 Final Fishing Report for Golden Bear Cottages guests -- NOVEMBER 7, 2017

    This past week we covered the entire west end and majority of the rainbow trout were hitting along the north shore from Windy Point to the dam.  Our depths were from the surface to 20 feet.  All times of day have been good fishing and late afternoon tends to pick up particularly near dusk.  Leaded lines at 3 to 4 colors and down riggers running from 3 to 6 feet and 13 to 15 feet most times.  Flicker Shads on the surface, Needlefish, Dick Nites, Little Warriors and PK Lures proto type flies and flutter fish were the hottest lures of the week on leaded lines and night crawlers or various spoons on down riggers.  The weather has been great with the exception of a few showers and a bit of lighting but as quick as it arrived it cleared out and fishing remained strong.  In a three hour trip we caught 6-24 fish this past week so timing has been key to the fish count!  Mornings are a bit hit and miss, mid day is fine and afternoon to dusk has been best.

    Share your photos with us!

    NOTE: Highest risk in Big Bear Lake of rainy days for the next month

    Big Bear Lake Fishing

    For more fishing and boating information and AAA approved cabin lodging reservations see us today

    Big Bear Lake Marketing Association Fishing News
    Congratulations to little Ms. Buckner, on catching a 13 lb. 4oz. Largemouth Bass today.


    Provided by the Big Bear Lake Marketing Association

    El Niño update for 2016
    The model predictions of ENSO for this Spring and beyond are indicating an 70%likelihood of  El Niño for Spring and Summer 2015 (now 70%). This means more rain for Big Bear Lake, CA in the months ahead.

    Lucky Bear Fishing Charters, UPDATES


    Lucky Bear Fishing Charters. 909-866-7303

    Please note Lucky Bear Fishing Charter's new location

    Captain John's Fawn Harbor &  Marina

    Big Bear Lake is the best spot for trout fishing in Southern California.
    Not only do you get a great day of fishing, but the scenery is superb!

    Big Bear Lake Marinas - Contact Info:

    • Big Bear Marina - 500 Paine Ct., Big Bear Lake, CA  (909) 866-3218

    • Captain John's Marina - 39369 North Shore Drive #350., Fawnskin, CA 92333-0350 (909) 866-6478.

    • Holloway's Marina - 398 Edgemoor Rd., Big Bear Lake, CA 92315 1-909-866-5706 (one mile from Golden bear Cottages)

    • Pine Knot Marina - 439 Pine Knot Blvd., Big Bear Lake, CA 92315  (909) 866-7766.

    • Pleasure Point Marina - 603 Landlock Landing Big Bear Lake, CA 1-909-866-2455 (about one block from Golden Bear Cottages)  Visit Website
    • "We take care of Golden Bear Cottages guests who come to fish with us.
      We give them lasting memories so they will come back for more great
      Big Bear Lake fishing experiences, year after year after year. Thank you". 
      Lucky Bear Fishing Charters. 909-866-7303

    g vacation rentals close to the lake, Big Bear Lake best places to stay

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