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Your safe "home away from home" in the mountains for over 90 years!

Take Safe outdoor family adventures at Big Bear Lake, CA 

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      • May 30: The state of California last week provided an update on the Beyond the Blueprint
        for the state's June 15 reopening. In less than three weeks, the state will clear all industry and
        business to return to usual operations with no capacity limits or physical distancing requirements
      • One unexpected upside to the pause put on our everyday lives is the opportunity to explore destinations that we may have overlooked, including in our own backyards. Venture out of your bubble for a few days to visit our artsy mountain town, fish at the scenic lake, hike forested trails or sample award-winning food after a day out with nature at Big Bear Lake. 
      • Rediscover Big Bear, less than a two hours' drive from LA or San Diego.
We're OPEN at Golden Bear Cottages five acre resort of 25 private cabins,  each one is cleaned individually. For safety, no communal cleaning products are used.

How do we keep our facility clean?

We frequently  sanitize our office and  cabins.  Golden Bear Cottages five acre resort all 25 private cabins are cleaned individually. Vacuums and other cleaning items are sanitized daily before use.

What we do before and when you visit?

1. We disinfect kitchen brushes and sponges with detergent and warm water.
2. We ask our cleaning staff to wear a mask when around others.
3. We ask our cleaning team to pay particular attention to the door and drawer handles, because evidence suggests COVID-19 can be transmitted less easily from soft surfaces than hard surfaces.
4. We are limiting exposure which is why we think this is a great time to facilitate self check-in and check-out, which is now offered to all who ask.
5. According to the WHO, coronaviruses may survive on surfaces for a few hours, which we have separated new guest check-ins after previous guests.
6. We have hand sanitizer. We ask that you sanitize your hands upon entering our office and wash your hands often.
7. UV light kills known virus' including Covid-19. We have used UV light to clean our vacation rental cabins since 2001
8. Our cleaning staff cleans their hands before & after they enter a cabin rental.
If you have concerns during your visit regarding cleanliness, speak to a team member immediately. We take concerns seriously.

    All of us at Golden Bear Cottages are looking forward to seeing you again. Even now, Big Bear remains one of the most-searched destinations on the Internet.

    The hiking ops abound here, from a weekend getaway trip up to famous Big Bear mountain—where you'll be rewarded with views of the famed Big Bear Lake and great fishing, among other things—
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    safe week-long family adventures with social distancing.

    After you get out of the urban areas and to pet friendly Golden Bear Cottages on the mountain—you can't help but come home with a Nat Geo-worthy collection of snaps.
    See bears at night, Bald Eagles, Redtail Hawk, deer, squirrel, ducks, geese and racoons during the day
    —even the occasional Big Horn Sheep, mountain lion or bobcat (if you're lucky). 
    To say nothing of images captured on a drive around the lake,
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    or while staying safe in your family cabin watching the wild life.
     When you're coming to Big Bear mountain, Hwy 330 from the San Bernardino Valley is the most direct route. But the scenic Hwy 38 route is arguably the most beautiful, starting in Redlands and offering unique views of Angeles Oaks and rock formations. Hiking trails in Big Bear Lake 
    If you prefer a desert trek, consider Hwy 18 from Victorville or Apple Valley feature the upper desert highlands past sandstone and granite cliffs, ravines and desert vegetation, and panoramic views.
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     We welcome your family to join ours at beautiful Big Bear Lake and Golden Bear Cottages
    Golden Bear Cottages resort - 39367 Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear Lake  909-866-2010. Your safe "home away from home" in the mountains for over 90 years!
    Big Bear Mountain Resorts have fun for everyone in your family or group. Snow Summit and Bear Mountain – are year-round destinations for scenic getaways and high-energy outdoor experiences. In the summer our properties are home to Southern California's best lift-served mountain bike park, miles of hiking, a nine-hole golf course, and many other family-friendly activities.
    Golden Bear Cottages in Big Bear Lake was part of the essential program. Hotels for Health: connecting healthcare and government agencies with lodging providers who supply rooms to frontline healthcare workers during COVID-19 pandemic.

    Golden Bear Cottages resort - 39367 Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear Lake  909-866-2010. 
    Your safe "home away from home" in the mountains for over 90 years! 
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