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Happy Easter
Isn't internet amazing! I was just talking to a man in Pakistan who saw our website.  He wished me a happy Easter.

Wondering if he was a Christian being from that part of the world, I said thank you. Are you a Christian?  He said no I'm not but I have respect for other's religions.

I told him how much I appreciated that because it's important to me.  Our family calls it Resurrection Day. And I went on to tell him that accepting others is a great way to live because we all have a lot more in common than we have differences.

From my travels I've found that most people just want to live, be happy and take care of their families.  It doesn't matter so much about the culture or the geographic location, most good people have a lot in common.

Well, then I received an Easter email from Hobby Lobby with a link to a video about Resurrection Day. So, thought I would share it.  The video also links to a history of how  David Green from Hobby Lobby came to make advertisements for Christmas and Easter. All of our families at Golden Bear Cottages wish you a happy Easter!