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Big Bear Lake news, weather & Big Bear driving directions View All News here or in the box below

                            Big Bear Lake newsletter
AAA approved cabins in Big Bear Lake

Boat rentals, wakeboarding, pontoon boat and kayak rentals, fishing charters
Posted: 23-Oct-19


Bass fishing is as good as I have seen it for some time, with close to and/or record setting size fish 
showing up small and large trap models. I have to apologize to some who we couldn't produce the 
correct lake records for, we have hunted those records down and are placing them on this site soon.

Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake is not a "pay-to-fish" lake, it's "FREE"! It's a huge alpine lake,(seven miles in length), 
in a beautiful mountain/forest setting and it's sunny and mild every day. Serrano Camp Ground, (on the lake), 
has RV hookups. 

A word for those seeking trout; 
first, let me say, Big Bear Lake is a very heavily stocked trout-lake, with several thousand rainbow trout added 
every week, for shore fishing along the Northshore, from Gray's Landing and west to the Dam are the ideal spots. 
There is a lot of weed growth along the shoreline, but the weed cutters are working fulltime, so use a bigger weight
and put it out there. The prefered method would be to take out a boat and still-fish near the bouy-line at the Dam,
using a slip-bobber, or, drift fish or slow-troll deep water, no further east than the telescope. East of the 
Telescope is considered shallow water, less than 35 feet deep and the trout want to be in or accessable to deep 
water. For Bass fishing, most any weedy area anywhere along the northshore. Along the southshore; due to the fact 
that most of the south shoreline is private property, (condos,luxury homes,etc.), you will need a boat to hit the 
coves and better bass spots along most of the southshore, but try the Eagle Point area and Boulder Bay. Big Channel 
Cats, (from 5 to 20+ pounds), exist, but are elusive. You're more likely to get bites from smaller Bullheads, 
(yellow/gold or yellow/green in color), in the under five pound range. Bluegill, Sunfish and Crappie are in the 
shallows. And, of course, there are tons of big carp everywhere.
Good Fishing!

Big Bear Lake is now open for 2019 boating season and the lake is up over
ten feet from last year. 
Public Launch Ramps are open for all vessels,
motorized and non-motorized. Both ramps are located on the North Shore.
The East Ramp is close to Stanfield cutoff, near the Discovery Center and
the West Ramp is closer to the Big Bear Dam, west of Fawnskin.  

Our six marinas have everything you need to have a great time on the lake.
Get your fishing license, fishing gear, bait and more. Rent a pontoon boat for
family fun or try a fishing boat for adventure exploring the fishing coves in
Big Bear Lake. Kayak discount rental coupons available in the office too.
NOTICE: Big Bear Lake Bass Tournament and catches are really impressive this year.

Bass fishing is as good as I have seen it for some time, with close to and/or record setting size fish 
showing up small and large trap models. I have to apologize to some who we couldn't produce the 
correct lake records for, we have hunted those records down and are placing them on this site soon.

Big Bear Marina and Pleasure Point Marina open boat rentals/launch ramp April 1.
Also open are all public ramps operated by BBMWD opened on April 1st.

Provided by the Big Bear Lake Marketing Association

August 29, 2019

It is hard to miss this season here at the 25 degree cooler than you. 
Fishing is beyond what we have seen in years mainly because our 
friends at the Visitor's Bureau have given me their check book. 
Fish stockings have been deep in the wallet and full trucks are coming.

Not sure if the stars aligned but it's working. We got through another 4th 
and the only difference between this year was fishing was too good for even 
the boat traffic to shut off the bite. Folks slip bobbing at the dam were nonstop 
spanking the rainbows on big blobs of goo and puffed up mini dirt snakes 
(inflated night crawlers). While I was patrolling early on sparkler day, I chatted 
up a few kayak studs casting wooly buggers and doing an outstanding job 
relaxing and also doing some high-powered catch and release of some decent
 3 to 4 lb line rippers. Trollers have to go deep with needlefish to find the safe 
zone later in the day when the lake is a bit like a large washing machine. 
Remember light colors when light and darks when dark, this always holds 
true at 6843.25" feet above sea level.

Big Bear lake 2019 Events

Lucky Bear Fishing Charters. 909-866-7303
$210.00 for a 3 hour charter for up to six people. 
fishing licenses are required for those fishing 16 or over.
Otherwise that's the TOTAL price from LUCKY BEAR CHARTERS!
Call to book ahead.Only rarely can do same day trips anymore.



Pleasure Point Marina service *discount boat rental coupons* 
only available at Golden Bear Cottages resort office. Guests of Golden Bear 
Cottages are entitled to 15% discount at Pleasure Point Marina with a coupon.
Big Bear Lake Fishing Reports - May 2019 through October

This may be the easiest report I have ever put together because the fishing is that good and it really doesn't matter what I say, YOU WILL CATCH FISH. Currently Rapala and Needlefish are working well on the troll. The folks using the drift method have been very successful as well. Dough bait from the shoreline is always a good go-to this time of the year. The Lake is packaged full of beautiful trout right now and we are seeing some of the best fishing in a decade. The water is mixed so there is no honey hole at the present time however the fish are moving to the west as the water warms. So get out and try your luck and catch something for the grill. Bass fishing is good along the structure; we have seen a lot of fish in the three pound range. The carp have not shown their face as of yet but we hope to see sprinklings of uglys soon as the granddaddy tournament of them all is rapidly approaching. Get your registration in soon as we have blown this baby up this year to be the best ever.


FISHING TIP OF THE WEEK The water clarity is pretty good this time of year so use the lightest line you can, 4lb or less works for most applications.

Lake Events 
Date                 Event                                          Organization                  Website

March 2, 2019
                         Polar Plunge           Special Olympics Southern Ca      WEBSITE

May 18, 2019
                         Adopt-A-Shoreline Kick-Off      BMWD                           WEBSITE

May 18-19, 2019
                         Big Bear Lake Big Fish Derby   BBL Fishing Assn       WEBSITE

May 25-26, 2019
                         Memorial Weekend "Grill and Chill" Visitors Bureau  WEBSITE

June 8-9, 2019
                         Fishin' for $50k               Big Bear Visitors Bureau       WEBSITE

June 15-16, 2019
                         Carp Round-Up               BBMWD                                    WEBSITE

June 22, 2019
                         Boating Safety Course     Coast Guard Auxiliary          WEBSITE

July 4, 2019
                         Big Bear Fireworks/BBQ   Rotary Club of Big Bear      WEBSITE

July 13, 2019
                         Big Bear Chill Cook-Off     Big Bear Visitors Bureau    WEBSITE

July 20, 2019
                         Boating Safety Course 2   Coast Guard Auxiliary          WEBSITE

August 15-17, 2019
                         Antique & Classic Wooden Boat Show    ACBS              WEBSITE

August 17, 2019
                         Boating Safety Course 3   Coast Guard Auxiliary           WEBSITE

October 5-6, 2019
                         TroutFest          Western Outdoor News                         WEBSITE

First Time Cooking Your Big Bear Lake Catch? 4 Things You Should Know!
Provided by: The Big Bear Lake Marketing Association

You've had a great day of fishing with your family or friends and now you're all ready for a delectable dinner that includes your fresh catch. You can practically see it and taste it already… a nice white fillet that flakes at the touch of your fork and melts in your mouth.

There's just one concern, it's your first attempt at cooking your catch and you don't want your main course to come out tasting like rubber or cardboard. Well, guess what? Learning how to prepare and how to cook fresh fish is easier than you think if you follow a few simple guidelines.

Put your catch on ice immediately. Always ice your catch, even on cold days. Have a large cooler on hand with plenty of ice and place your fish right side up on top of the ice right away. Cover the fish with a layer of ice on top and make sure the lid on your cooler seals tightly. If the ice starts to melt, use the spigot on your cooler to drain any excess water out. Keep your fish in a sealed cooler on ice until you get back to the dock or fillet station to clean them.

2. Eat the fish the same day you catch it if possible. Fresh fish should keep in your refrigerator for 2-3 days after being caught; however, it's always best to eat it the same day you catch it. Once you take the fish out of your cooler, store it in a resealable bag in the coldest part of your fridge. A few hours before cooking, remove the fillets from the bag and rinse them off to remove any loose scales. Then, pat the fillets dry and leave in the fridge uncovered on a baking sheet until cooking time.

3. Use the 10-minute cooking rule. Cook fish fillets 10 minutes per inch, turning halfway through the cooking time. For example, a one-inch fish fillet should be cooked 5 minutes on each side for a total of 10 minutes.

4. Fish is cooked when the fillets turn opaque and are firm. This is an important tip to remember if you want to avoid over-cooked, rubbery fillets. The fish will be done when the fillets turn from translucent to opaque or white and feel firm but are still moist. The fillets should be just ready to flake.
Attention to these details regarding storage and preparation will help ensure that 
your catch tastes fantastic when it gets to the dinner table. 

Big Bear Lake fishing reports

Additional fishing reports provided by ONS - Fishhound Pro Staff (Outdoor News Service)

Fishing and Charter Information
Big Bear Lake ---- Fishing Report

There's no finer time to be out on beautiful Big Bear Lake trolling for rainbow trout.  The tree leaves are turning vibrant colors before our eyes daily now.  The air is starting to chill with the scent of wood burning from chimney's and there's frost on the boat in the morning now!  All these are indicators that the trout are about to adjust to the cooler water temperatures and the bite will be on most days to come before seasons end.  This is truly prime time to be on the lake since all other recreation activities have subsided and fishing is the main attraction now with incredible conditions.  The past couple weeks through a curve at us several times as we expected and we had to work a bit harder to locate and get the trouts attention.  With the water temperatures adjusting and a huge plant for TroutfesT the fish were temperamental at times as they scatter all around the lake.  The good news is the past six hours of fishing did bring a change for the better for those trolling.  Last weekend was TroutfesT 2016 and Lucky Bear Fishing Friend John Rizya and his family had success trolling night crawlers on their down rigger and leaded line.  The youngest of the Rizya Family, Deztany, won FIRST PLACE of the girls division.  Deztany's grandpa, John did a excellent job putting the family on the fish and Deztany did a great job catching!!  Please see our special report on these TroutfesT memories at our Lucky Bear FaceBook page and please LIKE US. The past two weeks the majority of our fish have been caught along the south shore from Gilner Pt to Papoose Bay and in the middle of the lake many times.  We did catch along the north shore from SS Relief to the West Ramp but many times we could find a good pattern and get into fish before venturing too far from Metcalf Bay and Boulder Bay.  There were times we did get into double and triple hits which is always nice and brings memorable excitement to the trip!  The down riggers were at 3-15 feet most times and leaded lines from 2-4 colors.  Down riggers did well with custom made spinners tipped with crawlers and the hottest lures on leaded lines were Watermelon and Red Magic Needlefish, brown and gold colored/patterned Rapalas, Phoebes and Little Warriors in Green Gobie and Heavens Door both with copper backs.  Flat lining a variety of Rapalas and Flicker Shads has brought a few of the larger fish ranging 2 1/2-3 pounds.  Timing has been hard to call but fortunately three hour trips seem to always average from 5-15 fish and occasionally late mornings-mid day did have a little more action.  Everyone is mentioning the ideal weather and beauty of the ever changing scenery and enjoying the photo opportunities.  There is no better time to plan a getaway to Big Bear after summer has ended and before the winter rush- a special calm or LULL that most locals and visitors who know enjoy most!

Please call Golden Bear Cottages for lodging 800-461-1023 and Lucky Bear Fishing Charters 909-866-7303 for guided fishing trips and our fisherman special for 6 people.

Fishing and Boating forecast updated for Big Bear Lake for this week:
Posted: 05-Oct-17
Big Bear Lake mountain Weather Conditions, forecast  for western Big Bear LakeCA
Weather Conditions for:
Big Bear Lake, CA (
Elev: 6980 ft; Latitude: 34.23806; Longitude: -116.86528

AUTUMN is here! What's your favorite part of the year in beautiful Big Bear Lake?
(This past season has been the most epic of the season. Late Spring SNOW
storms brought us RECORD snow and a season snow total of over 169").

Golden Bear Cottages temperature --- November 14 @ 6 a.m. was 29°F
Winter is not far off

Make lodging reservations for a COOL Autumn mountain vacation ! 

Save water%20when%20visiting%20Big%20Bear
Please be water wise and save water when visiting Big Bear - thank you!

Golden Bear Cottages in western Big Bear Lake: temperature
is 22 to 25 degrees cooler than the valleys below...#SnowReports, #BigBearWeather

Big Bear%20Lake%20weather
#Weather forecast for southwest Big Bear Lake for this week
Lake surface temperature is now near 45 degrees and falling (soon to freeze)

Autumn/Winter activities near ski resorts in cool Big Bear

Kayak discount rental coupons available in the office.


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