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Fisherman's Club in Big Bear Lake
Don't forget to join our free Fisherman's Club and get these great offers: one free day with each paid day of lodging in any size cabin and  20% off each  hour for a pontoon boat or any size fishing boats Monday through Friday at Pleasure Point Marina (just a block from your cabin). Just use this link for your special offers 

GROUP and EVENT NEWS  - provided by

The Big Bear Lake Marketing Association

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2014 Lucky Bear Fishing Charters
Call 909-866-7303   Last report was posted APRIL 12th, 2014
We take care of Golden Bear Cottages guests who come to fish with us.
We give them lasting memories so they will come back for more great
Big Bear Lake fishing experiences, year after year after year. Thank you


Big Bear Lake, California - Charter Fishing Trips

Lucky Bear Fishing Charters - a block from Golden Bear Cottages in Big Bear Lake. Located At Pleasure Point Marina

Lucky Bear Fishing Charters provides the perfect way to spend a day relaxing and fishing for rainbow trout with friends and family.  Our Pleasure Point Marina location on Southern California's Big Bear Lake is convenient to Las Vegas, Tucson, Scottsdale, Phoenix and San Diego.

Our Rainbow Trout Fishing Trip Packages Include:

Lucky Bear Fishing Charters is operated by Mike and Trish, the only husband and wife professionally licensed charter fishing guides on Big Bear Lake.

Call Mike and Trish at Lucky Bear Fishing Charters today at 909-866-7303, or browse our website for more information regarding your charter fishing guides , charter fishing packages and lake tours or what to bring. If you have any other questions or comments, please e-mail us.


Big Bear Lake weather UPDATED APRIL 12 - fishing weather forecast
Weather details hour by hour for Golden Bear Cottages in Big Bear Lake



Spring Weather Advisories
Snow showers are possible in the long range forecast for Spring 2014.

 High risk Big Bear Lake rain or snow days for the next month

Big Bear Lake Fishing

Big Bear Lake Marketing Association Fishing News


Provided by the Big Bear Lake Marketing Association

Lucky Bear Fishing Charters, UPDATES


Big Bear Lake marinas are opening early this fishing season for boat rentals. If you have your own boat the public launch ramps will open April 1.

Big Bear Lake is the best spot for trout fishing in Southern California. Not only do you get a great day of fishing, but the scenery that surrounds is superb!

Marina Info:

  • Big Bear Marina - Opens March 22-23 for the weekend pontoon boat rentals. 2014 season opening, March 28.
  • Captain John's Marina - Fully Opens March 22.
  • Holloway's Marina - Now Open 7 days a week for pontoon boat rentals; can launch private boats during limited hours.
  • Pine Knot Marina - Opens March 22-23 for weekend pontoon boat rentals. 2014 season opening, April 1.
  • Pleasure Point Marina - Fully Opens March 22 for pontoon boat rentals.
  • WE take care of Golden Bear Cottages guests who come to fish with us.
    We give them lasting memories so they will come back for more great
    Big Bear Lake fishing experiences, year after year after year. Thank you.

Big Bear Lake 7 day weather UPDATED - fishing weather forecast
Weather details hour by hour for Golden Bear Cottages in Big Bear Lake



Big Bear Lake surface water temperature is currently 51 degrees.

High risk Big Bear Lake rain or snow days
for the next month

Join our free Fisherman's Club and get these great offers: one free day with each paid weekday of lodging at world famous Golden Bear Cottages in any size cabin, also  20% off each hour for pontoon or fishing boats daily at Pleasure Point Marina (just a block from your cabin). Call us today at 800-461-1023 and we will enroll you in our Fisherman's Club for free !  Start saving !

Big Bear Lake is the best spot for trout fishing in Southern California. Not only do you get a great day of fishing, but the scenery that surrounds is superb!

Marina Contact Info:

  • Big Bear Marina - 500 Paine Ct., Big Bear Lake, CA  (909) 866-3218

  • Captain John's Marina - 39369 North Shore Drive #350., Fawnskin, CA 92333-0350 (909) 866-6478.

  • Holloway's Marina - 398 Edgemoor Rd., Big Bear Lake, CA 92315 1-909-866-5706 (one mile from Golden bear Cottages)

  • Pine Knot Marina - 439 Pine Knot Blvd., Big Bear Lake, CA 92315  (909) 866-7766.

  • Pleasure Point Marina - 603 Landlock Landing Big Bear Lake, CA 1-909-866-2455 (about one block from Golden Bear Cottages)  Visit Website
  • WE take care of Golden Bear Cottages guests who come to fish with us.
    We give them lasting memories so they will come back for more great
    Big Bear Lake fishing experiences, year after year after year. Thank you.


2014 Fishing Reports from Big Bear Lake

Fishing Report  April 12, 2014
Trout fishing is off the hook right now. Cold temps combined with high oxygen levels has the Trout moving all over the lake. Shore anglers are catching them on the West end of the lake down by the Dam, Windy Point, Juniper Point and the East launch ramp. Fishing early morning or evening hours is the best time for catching them. Powerbait and Nightcrawlers on a 3 foot leader off the bottom is working good. The colors are salmon egg peach and garlic yellow. Inflated night crawlers keep them from sitting off the bottom. Bass are hunkering down still but structure is producing some Smallmouth Bass. Catfish is slow but Bullheads continue to bite on NIghtcrawlers and Mackerel. Trolling is working well by the Solar Observatory and up the centerline of the lake.

Fishing Report from the BBLMD on April 1st, 2014

The Spring trout season is HERE and it is time for the spring trout boil to begin. The fish are stacking on the tributaries in hopes that the streams will flow and the snow melt will provide a wall of water to make their way upstream and find a new girlfriend. However the little bit of precipitation we received was mostly rain and the snowpack is currently non-existent. There is still some time to bring the Lake up to a reasonable level and add to the one foot lake level rise we just received with the last rain storm.

Now to the fun stuff… the fish are biting and they are big, I mean real big, as in 3lb stuff that are very common on stringers all over. I have seen the fly fishing gang doing very well on the pre-spawn fish and also floating bait with light, cold water colors and crawlers are putting fish in the bank. Juniper is always a producer when the water is warming and Stanfield works also. The Windy Point area has been pretty steady and will certainly have picked up big time from there to the Dam as the water warms. Folks are filling their stringers up; all along the shoreline from the old Gray's landing to the dam with big bad twelve sandwich eating monsters. This is as good as it gets!!!! My friends can even catch fish when it is like this. The East ramp is opening up on April 1st and with this report the world may show up, so come early and just an FYI the ramp will be closed on April 4th for a bike pre-qualification run. Big Bear Marina will offer free launching that day to cover any die hard fisherman.

To let you in on a little secret; we have found a source to augment our trout stocking and I may be making this happen very soon. I would tell you when but I would have to … you know the rest.

OK, we just dropped 3,500lbs of line rippers ready for the frying pan but you have to catch them first so loosen your drag because they will be taking some line.

Remember fishing in the tributaries is prohibited when the streams are flowing in the spring and game warden Rick has already said he is on the prowl for violators.

Warm water fish are still in hibernation except a tickle of pre-spawn bass activity.


ARCHIVED FISHING REPORTS:  Provided by the Big Bear Lake Marketing Association

Lucky Bear Fishing Charters, OCTOBER 18, 2013

Although the past week brought cooler weather and tougher fishing conditions it was well worth the effort to bundle up and venture out on the hunt for the hungry, aggressive ones.   There's nothing like trolling around gorgeous Big Bear Lake in the fall.  While fishing for rainbow trout you will enjoy the incredible color changes in foliage around the shore, bright blue skies and crisp air with the hint of wood burning in the cabin stoves around the lake.  Every trip has been blessed with eagle sightings lately.   Just spend a few hours along the shore or on a boat fishing Big Bear Lake this time of year and you should be hooked for life!  Several very nice size hard fighters right under 3lbs were landed in past days and all the trout that hit were feisty.  It was slim pickin' as far as locations where we could find the most aggressive and active fish.  The trout are all over the lake now, adjusting to the dramatic change in temps.  They are well fed and still a bit touchy and acting finicky at times.  Dozens of night crawlers were snatched right off the hooks and many hits on lures running on the leaded lines.  We covered lots of territory some trips but always found ourselves back at the same HOT spots.  Metcalf Bay (near Golden Bear Cottages), Windy Point and Gilner Point is where the majority of the trout were caught.  We averaged 12 fish in three hours.  Hottest lures have been UV red and Watermelon Needlefish, Green Gobie in copper or silver and Heavens Door copper Little Warriors, various smaller Rapalas on the surface, PK Lures Flutter Fish and flies,  flo pink Macks Wedding Rings re-rigged with glow beads and tipped with a night crawler and various dodgers/flashers with night crawlers on 8-14″ leaders.   Leaded lines hit most at 4 colors and down riggers at 3, 12 and 22 feet.  Vary speed and turn to get the fish aggressive and on the hook.   Patience and letting the fish fight is key to catching and never assume that the fish is small or not on the line.  The three biggest fish of the week hit delicately, fought hard and then played possum at times!   Be aware and check lures for weed often and crawlers must be watched closely for strikes.   Some trips we got into great consistency and others each fish came in on a different lure or rig.  So variety, determination, flexibility with locations has been vital to making the day go easy.  Never feel your failing and always keep trying and stay creative and positive - you will catch your limit!  Make sure to have fresh line, sharp hooks a good net and great selection of bait and lures there is a great chance of landing a lunker now.  Most important- prepare and dress warm and always think safety FIRST.  Also, plenty of snacks and drinks/water always make fishing extra enjoyable this time of year.  Lucky Bear Fishing Charters 909-866-7303

Archived Big Bear Lake fishing reports:

Lucky Bear Fishing Charters
October 4, 2013
-- Fishing update
Fall has arrived and the change in temperature gets the rainbow trout spunky, on the move and has us on our toes a bit more.  Flexibility, determination and willingness to try new things and get outside the box is what keeps us catching satisfactory numbers.   Six to 15 trout within 3 hours was our average the past week and there was a tough 3 fish trip when the trout were striking short and not hooked deep at all.  Trout are delicate and if not hooked well patience and finesse becomes more critical.  More territory than usual has been covered and when coming into an area that gave two or more hits the best strategy has been to focus and concentrate on these small spots and not be so choosy!  If the trout are being particular and it is best to respect that or you will spend more time fishing not catching.  Most our fish came from the same three areas of the lake the past two weeks but not the same spots or depths.   Along the south shore from Gilner Point to Papoose Bay is where majority of the trout were caught in the morning through mid day.  Then early afternoon to dusk we spent most time along the north shore from SS Relief to Grays Landing and to the dam.  Covering all depths from shore to the middle of the lake is also key now.  Several nice hold overs at 2+lbs were caught very close to shore down at about 15 feet and others were caught out in the middle of the lake down at 20-25 feet.  The trout are enjoying the change in temperatures and moving around rapidly and are feisty and hard fighting.   Checking drags and lines frequently is important too.  We have our drags set to run and checking lures for weed and flashers/dodgers with crawlers about every 10-15 minutes.  Many crawlers will get hit and it is worth feeding about three trout to land one.  Using scent and glow beads has helped get more trout on the hook for sure.   Being active and aware will keep you warm and presentation perfect.  When you get a bite/hit be patient and let the trout fight and wear out while keeping lines tight and you will get more fish to the net.   Forcing or slack in the line is the little window a trout will take to escape!   The hottest lures are UV red and watermelon needlefish, Heavens Door/copper, Green Gobie/silver,  Gold Gobie/copper and gold Little Warriors, little copper Phoebe, chartreuse Macks wedding rings, various salmon spoons made into flashers many with metallic purple and silver, watermelon, fire tiger dodgers with a night crawler on a 10-12″ leader.  The shorter the leader â€" the more action so try various leader lengths.   In spring we had a 3 foot leader and during summer we ran 8-14 inch leaders.  Down riggers were from 4 to 20 feet and most fish hit at 4 and 14 feet.  Leaded lines from 2 1/2-4 1/2 colors most hitting around 4 colors.  Very little surface action but a few nicer size fish caught flat lining and at 4ft on Macks wedding rings (re-rigged with glow beads!).   Confidence, persistence and creativity are great qualities to possess while fishing for rainbow trout on Big Bear Lake!  Being prepared with good gear, tackle and proper clothing and most important think safety to ensure a fun and successful time as the temperatures have dropped.  Warm feet, hands, neck and head really help to keep you focusing on the fishing and good times.  It’s been extremely dry so don’t forget to drink water and protect your skin from the elements.  With a little extra preparation and thought to detail you will prevent distractions and you may catch a lunker!  Good luck to all participating in the upcoming tournament.  The summer rush is gone and we hope more detail in the reports inspires you to get your gear in order and come to Big Bear Lake for some of the best fishing and scenery of the entire season!  Lucky Bear Fishing Charters 909-866-7303

Archived Big Bear Lake fishing reports:

Archived Fish Reports: Lucky Bear Fishing Charters
Fish Report 9/19/13

The weather is starting to change and fall is in the air.  We averaged 10 rainbow trout in a three
 hour trip and there were a couple six and eight fish trips and as many as 18 fish in a trip so timing
has mattered.  All times of day have been fine to troll for rainbow trout but no time has been
consistently the best.
We have stayed west of Gilner and Windy Points and most trout were caught in front of Boulder Bay
and Papoose Bay and up to the dam and along the north shore to Grays Landing.  The fish were all
over the lake and many different depths so we covered lots of territory each trip.   Down riggers were
 from 2 to 20 feet, leaded lines 2 1/2 to 4 colors and the surface was hitting on occasion as well.
The hottest lures were UV red, UV pink and watermelon needlefish, brown trout Rapalas, Heavens Door
and Gold Gobie Little Warriors, PK Lures prototype flies and Flutter Fish and night crawlers. 
The trees are starting to change colors and jackets are now required many times!  It's been absolutely
spectacular out and around the lake and sometimes we were the only boat on the lake.  No finer time to
come fishing for rainbow trout in Big Bear than in the fall.  Go to Big Bear Sporting Goods for gear and
tackle 909-866-3222 and Lucky Bear Fishing Charters 909-866-7303.
We have been blessed again with another great week of guests and fishing in Big Bear Lake.
Thank you.

More Archived Big Bear Lake fishing reports:

Archived: Lucky Bear Fishing Charters Fish Report 8/22/13
This past week we covered the entire west end from Metcalf Bay to the dam.  Most fish were caught in front of Metcalf Bay, Trout Alley, Grays Landing and near the dam.  Hot lures were UV Red and Watermelon Needlefish, various brown trout Rapalas, Heavens Door and a variety of Little Warriors, prototypes of PK Lures flutter fish and flies, and night crawlers.  GLOW and UV lures are working well with rainbow trout when trolling.  Leaded lines are running at 3 to 5 colors and down riggers steady at 2-4 feet and 13-15 feet and surface has been fair.  All times have day have been fine for trolling and we averaged 6 to 24 rainbow trout within 3 hours.  Go to Big Bear Sporting Goods for gear and tackle 909-866-3222, Pleasure Point Marina on the south shore for fishing boats and pontoon rentals 909-866-2455, Capt John's Fawn Harbor & Marina on the north shore for fishing boat and pontoon rentals 909-866-6478 and Lucky Bear Fishing Charters 909-866-7303

Archived: Lucky Bear Fishing Report 7/29/13
This past week we trolled 36 hours and covered the entire west end and majority of the rainbow trout were hitting along the north shore from Windy Point to the dam.  Our depths were from the surface to 20 feet.  All times of day have been good fishing and late afternoon tends to pick up particularly near dusk.  Leaded lines at 3 to 4 colors and down riggers running from 3 to 6 feet and 13 to 15 feet most times.  Flicker Shads on the surface, Needlefish, Dick Nites, Little Warriors and PK Lures proto type flies and flutter fish were the hottest lures of the week on leaded lines and night crawlers or various spoons on down riggers.  The weather has been great with the exception of a few showers and a bit of lighting but as quick as it arrived it cleared out and fishing remained strong.  In a three hour trip we caught 6-24 fish this past week so timing has been key to the fish count.  Even the low count of six rainbow trout is not bad for three hours!  Mornings are a bit hit and miss, mid day is fine and afternoon to dusk has been best.  The weather has been keeping us juggling trip times and rescheduling some but overall it's been fine conditions and not too much boat traffic thanks to the sporatic drizzle and rain.  For tackle and gear go to Big Bear Sporting Goods 909-866-3222, for fishing boats, pontoons and kayak/conoe rentals on the south shore call Pleasure Point Marina 909-866-2455, for fishing boat, pontoons, and kayak/canoe rentals on the north shore call Capt John's Fawn Harbor 909-866-6478 and Lucky Bear Fishing Charters 909-866-7303.

Archived: Lucky Bear Fishing Report 6/24/13
Finally finding consistency, 8-15 rainbow trout being caught within three hours on most trips now.  Some smaller fish are being released daily.  Quite a variety of sizes of trout being landed and many hard fighters at 1 1/2-2 1/2 lbs.  There are still some lulls at times and mornings have remained slowest.  Late morning all the way to dusk has been great times to be out not only for catching but for the spectacular weather as well. We covered much territory and spent 27 hours this past week trolling mostly on the east end from Observatory/Lagunita Lodge and back to Metcalf Bay.  The nicest size fish were caught right outside Metcalf Bay, at Gilner Point and in front of Lagunita Lodge.  Hottest lures have been pinks and fire tiger colored/patterened and silver and copper finishes.  Salmon spoons made into flashers in a variety of purples and pinks all silver finishes with a crawler about 8-10" have been on fire.  Little Warriors Heavens Door/Copper and a PK Flutter Fish pink/purple proto type will not stop giving.  Orange and Gold colored Rapalas hit on the surface but no consistency in patterns. Salmon spoon flashers with crawlers are running on the down riggers at 3-8 feet or the surface.  Lures were hitting from 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 colors on the leaded lines.  Seeing more people netting now while drifting power bait and night crawlers throughout the lake from east to the dam.  It was a slow start to the season and pretty tough spring for trout fishing on Big Bear Lake.  The past couple weeks we have seen dramatic improvement and even with some gusty winds and a super moon these past days we still have kept some consistency.  Many more fish hitting the lines and being caught now that summer has arrived and there is no finer time to be out on the lake trolling for rainbow trout.  Call Pleasure Point Marina for Pontoon/Aluminum Boats/Kayaks/Canoe rentals 909-866-2455, Capt John's Fawn Harbor for Fishing Boat rentals 909-866-6478, Big Bear Sporting Goods for gear/tackle 909-866-3222 and Lucky Bear Fishing Charters 909-866-7303.

To help maintain Big Bear Lake as a premium trout fishery by planting trophy sized fish each year prior to the May Trout Classic. The May Trout Classic will remain a family oriented event with two divisions for the kids between the ages of 5 and 15.  The kids of participants vie for 1st through 3rd places and have a chance at winning rods and reels and trophies. Last year we were able to give a fishing pole to every child under eleven thanks to our generous sponsors and your entry monies. You make it all happen!
The application is also available May 1 on this link
The payout is $8000, based on 500 entrants. The first nine (9) places are "in the money".  The entry fee is $65.00.  All entrants are given a May Trout Classic hat and are welcome to join us for all the festivities at the awards show. And remember, this is a family affair, bring the kids!

May 29, 2013 Fishing Reports

Here's the latest Lucky Bear Fishing Report:
It was a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend on Big Bear Lake.  This is a favorite time of year when the trout keep us workin' to find the hungry ones and trolling allows us to cover lots of territory quickly.  The trout are well fed from all the natural food supply and the 2lb+ size and beautiful pink meat is an indicator of time well spent in a quality lake.  We did pick up some smaller stocked trout along the way this past week and almost all were released successfully.  The good news is you can figure out and almost isolate where the nicer size hold overs are biting.  The past week we would find the best trout in 38 feet deep in the lake.  Now we are moving toward the center and almost ALL fish were caught between 41-42 feet deep so we are aware they are moving rapidly and into the deeper water.  When we fished east of Metcalf Bay/Windy Point we hit almost all smaller fish.  This week our depths completely changed along with our bait and lures and we were able to locate a few reliable spots that would give within a three hour trip most times of day.  The largest rainbow trout were caught on the surface, 6-12 feet on down riggers and 2 1/2 to 3 colors on the leaded lines with occasional other hits down at 25-28 feet on down riggers and as deep as 4 or 5 colors on the leaded line!  So flexibility has been key to getting our numbers up from the start of the season.  This week we averaged 6-10 trout in three hours and had a couple of 2 fish trips and spent 24 hours on the lake.  Best spot for us was along Trout Alley and out across to Gray's Landing and back to Windy Point.  We stayed in 41-42 deep water as much as possible until hitting shallower areas of the lake.  Some fish were caught to the East too. Hottest lures were Little Warriors Barney/Silver or Gold,  Heavens Door/Silver, Hot Banana Glow, various Brown Trout Rapalas, Purple Hot Head Wee Dick Nite, Sarge's Ballistic Bait Co. Ballistic Baby inline spinner, Dark Purple Frog Scorpian Stinger and UV Hum Dingers in silver and pink.  Night crawlers were working well from surface to 12 feet at times.  Many others too hit and the notable colors were once again BRIGHT PINK or DARK PURPLE and PERCH and GOBIE.  What might have been working for us in the past is not working this season yet so be flexible and change up every 15 minutes or so and you will catch.  Winds have been a challenge at times but fishing is doable and otherwise the conditions and weather are PERFECT now.  Go to Big Bear Sporting Goods for tips and all necessary fishing supplies for Big Bear Lake 909-866-3222, Pleasure Point Marina for pontoon/kayak/canoe and slip rentals 909-866-2455, Capt John's Fawn Harbor for fishing boat/kayak/canoe rentals 909-866-6478 and Lucky Bear Fishing Charters 909-866-7303.

Best Time to Fish




3AM - 11AM


   11AM - 6PM



from Lucky Bear Fishing Charters

It was tuff trolling too! We had to use over 30 lures per 3 hour trip to get 1/2 dozen rainbows  Well worth trying your luck again soon as you may get a big one on powerbait.

Fishing Reports - The latest from Big Bear Lake.

Live Bait Must Be Lively - For example, worms must be lively to work effectively. A half dead worm is of little use to the angler. Keep your worms cool and they will stay livelier. DD.

Archived Trout Fishing Reports - Lucky Bear Fishing Charters
May 10, 2013 
The troll is still tough for rainbow trout on Big Bear Lake, however, the good news is with time and a variety of lures and bait you can find them and get them to bite.  We spent 16 hours of the past week on the lake and found that quite a variety of pink or purple or combination of pink/purple are working.  Lures of the week are Purple Perch/Silver and Barney/Silver Little Warriors, Dark Purple Frog/Copper Scorpian Stinger, Purple Hot Head Wee Dick Nite and Hot Pink Xrap all brought multiple trout to the lines.  Spoons at 4.5 to 5 colors on the leaded lines and 6 and 23-27 feet on the down riggers.  The Xrap was flat lined and 1/2 dozen nice size hold overs were caught on the surface.  We moved from one trout in an hour to THREE per hour on the lines which is a big improvement from our first week out.  Guys and gals get out your pink and purple lures and give them all a try!  Many other pink and purple lures were hit we are only mentioning the hottest patterns.  All our fish caught were on the east end near Lagunita Lodge on the weekend and then Grays Landing and Trout Alley during the weekdays.  Last weeks hot spot near Papoose Bay never produced a hit at all this week!  The quality of the trout is incredible.  Good size and hard fighters at about 2-2.5 lbs so far.  Got to luv the rainbow trout for making us use our brains and work to find them.  The scenery has been spectacular and weather a little chilly.  Go to Big Bear Sporting Goods for gear/tackle/bait.  Make sure to check out and try the Ballistic Bait and Little Warriors they stocked this past week.  Pleasure Point Marina for pontoon/slip rentals 909-866-2455, Capt John's Fawn Harbor for fishing boat rentals 909-866-6478 and Lucky Bear Fishing Charters 909-866-7303.

Join our fisherman's club : it's free and you get a free day for each cabin day rented during the week... in any cabin of equal size from only $99...

 Discover the Ultimate Fishing Vacation at Golden Bear Cottages

updated Big Bear Lake fisherman's club reports 


Golden Bear Cottages resort is one of the Top 20 Fishing Lodges in America ( 

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Big Bear Lake Fishing Report from the Big Bear Lake Marketing Association:


Big Bear Lake Marketing Association news release:
Big trout
are being reeled in on Big Bear Lake
as the 2013 fishing season gets even better...


       Up on the mountain Big Bear Lake is a good producer of wild brown trout. Running clear and cool below Big Bear Dam, Bear Creek also supports a good population of rainbows and, some say, a few salmon. While I've never seen a salmon caught out of the stream, I know they exist in Big Bear Lake. So it is possible. Two trailheads east of Snow Valley Ski Resort provide good access to the stream below. While the fishing is good in the upper reaches of the stream, the further down you go the better it gets and the greater the ratio of browns to rainbows. This year, even before the runoff was complete, I met an angler down near the confluence with the Santa Ana that had caught and released a 19" brown along with a couple of nice 'bows. In the last few years with the improved water situations and nicer weather it could be even better in the years to come.

     Shore anglers along the North Shore from the dam to Juniper Pt. are doing well fishing off the bottom with a sliding egg sinker, short leader (12-18 inches) and PowerBait and/or nightcrawler pitched 10 to 20 feet from the shore. Those trolling on the surface or with leadcore form 1.5 to 2.5 colors are seeing action with the trout.

     Located in the heart of the San Bernardino Mountains,
Big Bear Lake offers some of the best early- and late-season trout fishing in Southern California. Summer still produces some fast and furious trout fishing but also throws three- to five-pound bass into the mix. Big Bear Lake also has numerous areas distinguished for their grassy shorelines, lily pads, submerged logs, and other fish-attracting structures favored by the lake's bass population. The walking or wading angler can easily access these spots, and a well-presented leech pattern or surface popper will often result in a jolting strike. Fishing and boating in Big Bear Types of Fish: Trout, bass, catfish, crappie, and bluegill in this huge 3000 acre lake. 


Pleasure Point Marina is located 300 yards from Golden Bear Cottages resort

at 603 Landlock Landing Road (just off Cienega Rd). Phone 909-866-2455. Golden Bear fishing guests get 20% off boat rentals on pontoon boats starting May 1, 2013

Call us today at 800-461-1023 and we will enroll you in our Fisherman's Club for all of 2012 for free.


Fisherman's Club:
Best boating, fisherman's and lodging discounts for cabin rentals in Big Bear Lake

 Cabins and Vacation Rentals close to the lake, special fishermen's packages. ... Memorable Fishing and Boating Vacations Begin at Golden Bear Cottages Resort with our Affordable AAA approved cabin rental Accommodations close to the lake!

    Big Bear Marina is the Official Weigh Station on Big Bear Lake. Bring your trophy catches in and be eligible for monthly Berkley Pro Shop prizes! Stop by and have your picture and catch reported to the fishing media throughout Southern California. The Marina is only about a mile from Golden Bear Cottages fishing resort.

Please submit your fish pictures and stories to

Big Bear Lake is open for fishing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Lake is regularly stocked with Rainbow Trout, with a limit of 5 per day. Other species in the Lake include large mouth bass, small mouth bass, bluegill, black crappie, sunfish, carp, channel catfish and pumpkinseed.

Top rated Big Bear cabins Golden Bear Cottages named to  USA Top 20 Family Vacation Resorts  by world famous RusticVacations 

Golden Bear Cottages named to  USA Top 20 Rustic Resorts

Golden Bear Cottages named to  USA Top 20 Fishing Lodges
Additional Big Bear freshwater fishing reports

        The Big Bear Lake Marketing Association and Big Bear lake Latino Hotel Association are sponsors of the Fisherman's Club at world famous Golden Bear Cottages resort. Fishing cabin rentals in Big Bear, CA from Golden Bear, Cozy mountain cabins for rent at the lowest price, A wide variety and sizes of fishing cabins for rent, Join our Big Bear Lake Vacation Club, always recieve super discounts. Call for FREE Fisherman's Club membership today at 800-461-1023 and we will join you for free and you start saving today. This is a limited time free Big Bear Lake fisherman's offer.

View this webpage in spanish.

Contact information for the association is:
Big Bear Lake Marketing Association
P.O. Box 1731
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

Fisherman's Club

Lucky Bear Fishing Charters 909-866-7303 -  MAY  2013
  • WE take care of Golden Bear Cottages guests who come to fish with us.
    We give them lasting memories so they will come back for more great
    Big Bear Lake fishing experiences, year after year after year. Thank you.

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